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I am a self-taught ceramicist living and working on a Mayne Island farm. A curious and life-long learner, my art education is on-going and consists of a combination of self-guided study, ceramic classes, symposia and workshops led by both Canadian and International Instructors. Captivated by the properties of clay at a young age while helping my Danish grandmother in her rural pottery, it was much later in 2016, that my own professional journey with clay began. After receiving a Bachelor’s of Agriculture and later a Master of Science  (wildlife biology)  and working for many years in the charitable sector with environmental education and conservation organizations I moved to Mayne Island where I now make pottery and farm. I am inspired by the elegance, complexity and resilience of nature. In it, subtle changes give rise to adaptive traits, speciation and the amazing variety of life on earth. 

Potery Studio Mayne Island-2.jpg
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